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Morocco holidays
Morocco holidays offer visitors a charming combination of magnificent landscapes and a fascinating culture steeped in history. Situated on the north western side of Africa, Morocco lies at the meeting point of Europe and Africa. With just a little over three hours flying time from London

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Holidays to Morocco

Separated from Europe by the Straits of Gibraltar it has all the charm of North Africa with a strong French colonial influence. Morocco's colourful markets hold the promise of hidden treasures and intricately crafted trinkets amid the milieu of medieval medinas, and of course there is fantastic weather and glorious coastline to enjoy as well.

Superb hotels and marvellous food will make it an unforgettable holiday to Morocco. From the amazing variety of snow capped mountains, wide sandy beaches and the breathtaking scenery of the Sahara.

Marrakesh has for almost a thousand years been an imposing and dominant city. The first of Morocco's Imperial Cities, it was founded in 1062. Nestled between mountain and desert, it is perhaps not surprising that Marrakech is a city of contrasts. The bustling atmosphere of the Djema el Fna could scarcely be further removed from the tranquillity of the many beautiful gardens, and the intricate medieval streets of the medina are at bewildering variance with the wide, tree-lined boulevards of the New Town. Everywhere though, the city's character and infectious charm shines through.

A holiday to Agadir offers a climate that can boast nearly year round sun and a fabulous 10 kilometre stretch of golden beach. With its tall modern buildings, wide roads and European style cafes, Agadir isn't a typical traditional Moroccan city - but much more modern and cosmopolitian. You can get a taste of the real Morocco if you head out of town or take a trip out to Taroudant where you can experience some authentic middle eastern culture by visiting the markets and exploring the ancient city.