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egypt holidays
Egypt is a spectacular destination offering a fantastic year round climate with wonderful beaches and some of the best diving sites in the world. Holidays to Egypt also offer holidaymakers the opportunity to see some of the worlds most famous historical sights, including the pyramids near Cairo and the ancient temples and the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

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Holidays to Egypt

Egypt Holidays offer a land of incredible contrasts and diversity with over 5,000 years of ancient history and a range of superb holiday resorts dotted along the Red Sea offering impressive hotels with a huge range of facilities and all inclusive hotel options.

On your holidays to Egypt, you will be able to experience the amazing historical heritage, however a holiday to Egypt is much more than just ancient monuments, as it’s also about amazing beaches, incredible scuba diving in crystal clear waters and luxurious hotels offering fantastic value for money.

Red Sea resorts include Sharm el Sheikh which is the most accessible and developed resort on the Sinai peninsula offering a vast range of modern and luxurious hotels, closely followed by Hurghada. Other less developed and newer resorts include Taba, Dahab, Nuweiba, Marsa Alam and El Gouna

Scuba Diving and water sports including boat rides and cruises are the most popular activities. Desert safaris and camel rides are popular too. Taba also offers a new 18 hole championship golf course.

On your holidays to Egypt, you will be able to see an amazing range of ancient relics including the Temples of Karnak, The Valley of the Kings and the iconic Pyramids of Giza along with an unforgettable Nile Cruise and a trip to fascinating Cairo. Most holidays in Egypt along the Red Sea resorts offer scuba diving, windsurfing as well as horse riding, camel riding and desert safaris.